Friday, June 30, 2006

A Glimpse Into My Studio

I know that I myself love to see snapshots of other artists' studio spaces. It's kinda like peeking into their creativity and getting a firsthand glimpse at how those artistic thoughts emerge. My studio space isn't all that inspiring, I'm afraid. I have a room set up as my "studio"--it has my oil painting easel, lots of canvases, a long dresser that contains all my creative tools, lots of books, and lots of sketchbooks/journals/portfolios. Part of it is nice and clean so I can concentrate (the side that's in the photos here) and the other part is an ungodly mess with no order or rules of any kind. It's all about creative harmony. :)

My walls are white. My dresser is white. I know it looks unbearably barren, but it actually helps me to concentrate on colors. My work is very color-oriented and so if my walls were all orange (...which wouldn't be so bad, it's by far my favorite color) I might find myself in a color rut of primarily orange-dominant pieces. And that's not what I want. As far as the actual sculpting is concerned, I usually don't physically sculpt my pieces in my studio, as crazy as it may seem. I go there to get inspired, plan out my next project, and do some quick experiments, but I actually sculpt on a 13"x9" tile that was leftover from a bathroom makeover. This way I can sit anywhere in the house with my tile and tub-'o-clay and sculpt until my hands hurt. I usually end up sitting on the floor--I guess because I have more space and that's how I worked in college when I had no furniture.

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