Saturday, July 28, 2012

Within Pools Of Sea Stars And Barnacles

The octopus painting I alluded to earlier is in the shop:
acrylic and gold composite leaf on cradled hardboard

I thought I'd also share some photos I snapped last month when I went tidepooling at one of my favorite spots along the rugged Strait of Juan de Fuca here in Washington. Back in January I spent my New Year's day at the same location (during that trip, I saw a dead giant Pacific octopus among the rocks--it was both sad and awe-inspiring at the same time).

It's so gorgeous there, with lots of different substrates and ocean-worn eye candy.

The tide pools are seen at low tide along the lava rocks (formed eons ago). You never know what you'll come across...

A small blood star...
A large ochre star...
A sea star the size of a thumbnail...
Perhaps a green anemone...
Or a stranded sea urchin.

Here, you'll always find plenty of kelp beds washing against the rocks, as well as what may seem to be miles of mussel beds.
It truly is one of my favorite places to spend a wet and salty Northwest day.

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