Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Awake From A Long Slumber

Hello, hello, my friends! I know it’s been far, far too long. I’ve long wanted to update this blog but the truth is, that between my long days spent in class and labs coupled with lots of fieldwork and a marine taxonomy internship with Washington State’s Department of Ecology….there just hasn’t been the time.

But! That’s not to say I haven’t been sketching, painting, and scheming. I’m on the last pages of my current sketchbook and have a small stack of paintings to be listed in the shop, with more to come! This Thursday (July 12th), I’ll be listing three tiny slug paintings {update: now all sold}:

Each one is painted on thick watercolor paper in acrylics, varnished, and comes in its own itty bitty sage green envelope (mailed inside a larger envelope to meet postal regulations).
Then on Friday (July 13th), I’ll be listing this small albino bullfrog (*update: now sold*):
He’s every bit as mysterious and captivating as you would expect an albino bullfrog to be. I thought Friday the 13th would be a mighty appropriate day to put him in the shop. There’s more a’comin’, so stay tuned!

Back in December I also moved my belongings, myself, and the cat into a miniature-sized studio apartment at my mom and stepdad’s house temporarily to help with the educational financial burden (and am ever so grateful—going back to college has hit the pocketbook pretty hard). It’s small and hidden in the woods and oh-so-cozy…

Yes, these pictures were taken in December. And it’s July (the Christmas tree was long ago packed back up, never fear!). I was a bit worried that I would have to drastically downsize in the art department to fit everything in there, but it all found a place in the end! My tiny boat-sized kitchen is located behind my art-packed bookcase (painted a pistachio green) and the dvd cabinet... 
I have an antique quilt top draped across the entrance door for privacy...
And the painting table is a bustlin’ with activity and inspiration…

And of course, this little ragamuffin is doing fine as well.
What you don't see in the pictures here is how my gigantic art printer and scanner are housed away in the hall closet with my clothes hanging above, and the "shipping station" takes up an entire linen closet.

Whew! I think that’s all I’ll bombard you with for the moment. If there are any readers still remaining out there, thanks for staying with me! I’ll be back with more paintings to share soon.

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