Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sting Rays and Stuffed Pelicans

Hello, gang!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the week. I got back from my whirlwind of a Chicago trip and have so many pictures to share with you. It was a fabulous getaway (snow and all) and came and went rather quickly, if you ask me. There was barely any time to really explore the city with my family, but I was able to get to both the Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum, which was a big plus!
The aquarium was so crowded (and teeming with little children) that I was only able to quickly snap a few images...and about half of those were of the rays. I'm a sucker for sting rays, I admit. They have a neat see-through floor where you can actually walk *over* the sting rays, and I think I just about peed my pants when I realised this.If I ever become a bazillionaire, I would like it known that there will be a sting ray aquarium floor installed in my living room.And the Field Museum? Be still my heart. I spent four hours there and only saw the first floor! Which of course means that one day I will have to go back. I was also very snap-happy with the shown by the 84 pictures I took just at the Field Museum alone. It was a great opportunity to beef up my own wildlife photo reference library for my art. I'll show some more of the museum images in a day or two (they deserve their own post). Also, there are now a handful of paintings left from my show in Seattle available in my etsy shop. New prints are next on my list, so do stay tuned! I do believe the prints of the "Endangered" paintings will be lovely little show-stoppers.

Time for lunch and perhaps more coffee. Have a great day, loves!

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