Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Of Millipedes and Mantises

Hello, hello! I hope every one's week is going well. The ocean-themed pieces of this past update were all successfully listed and are now available in the shop--hooray!

I just listed another "Hall of Mystics" piece as well:

acrylic and gold composite leaf
6x4" on 7x5" wood plaque
I don't paint a lot of insects, and yet, they litter the pages of my sketchbook. This piece was on my work table for quite a long time and was almost scrapped. If I get stuck on a piece long enough I have to fight the urge to paint over the whole thing and start anew.
I'm glad I saw this one through to the end though. The mantises were the last to be added and the whole reason that this painting was finished. It's funny when that happens.

Off to do the finishing touches on another painting! I'll share that one with you in just a few days. Happy Wednesday, gang!

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