Thursday, February 04, 2010

Over Hill And Under Hill

Hey there.

Updating my blog has been on my to-do list for a while now and so I'm completely ashamed to just now be getting around to it. I do apologize for the absence!

I was doing so well in the beginning of January, as far as getting artwork completed or started. And then, the ever dreaded "art burnout" hit me smack in the head and I've been slowly working my way out of it. I typically go through a bit of a creative block immediately after a show, and this time was no different (it just occurred a little later than I was expecting). The biggest cure for me is to step outside and immerse myself with nature for a while. So that's what I've been doing!
While most of the US is having quite the hellish winter, here in the Pacific Northwest it's almost as if Winter just forgot about us completely. It's really weird. The temperatures are in the 50s-60s (our January was the warmest we've ever had in history) and the plants and trees are waking up from their slumber--over 3 months too early.
Cherry trees are blooming, bulbs are sprouting, and there's signs of lush, hyper-real, green newness everywhere you look. It's quite extraordinary!A couple days ago I trekked an hour north-westward to Dungeness for a wonderful walk. I always feel like Bilbo Baggins on his way to Rivendell when I hike those parts.Beautiful old trees......lots of mossy covered limbs......fungus growths of all sorts...
It's quite heavenly. And after a little 20 minute hike down the path, the trees part ways and you're left stunned by the ocean view.
It was a gorgeous day to be out there. Sunny and clear at first and then the gray afternoon storm clouds began to roll in from the coast.
Way, way out there is the Pacific Ocean.

All-in-all it was a wonderfully relaxing day trip and just the inspirational push I needed for my own creative bent.
Cheers to you, gang! Thank you so much for coming along.


sarahblank said...

You live in the most beautiful part of the country! What I would give to live where you do!
Enjoy your walks outside (and the weather) We are supposed to get a foot of snow:(

Rachel said...

Did you walk all the way to the Lighthouse? That's a killer hike through the sand. You think, flat... easy... but it's not. :) Love that place. One of the (if not the) biggest natural sand spits in the world. :) Glad someone's getting out to commune with nature... :(

Eggman Studios said...

Sarah: Thanks! I often dream of living elsewhere, but then I realize that this really is home for me. :) I'm amazed at how much snow you guys are getting out there! Hopefully Spring will come soon for you too.

Rachel: Didn't make it to the lighthouse. I always try...but it's something like 16 miles roundtrip--too far!

MarmeeCraft said...

Oh! I love your new banner!! And what heavenly old trees and vivid green mosses! Lovely!! I can't wait for Spring to see green again!! :) We've been in Narnia for quite a goodly little time now! tee hee

Eggman Studios said...

Thank you, Marjorie! I'm amazed at the amount of snow you guys have over there. Narnia, indeed! :)

The Josie Baggley Company said...

Greetings from Dublin. My first visit to your bloggy & I just thought I'd leave you a quick message to say that your pictures are really lovely.T For me also,the ancient woodland's scents,sights,lights,darks,sounds ALL captivate me, ground me & always inspire me.

Eggman Studios said...

Rainey: Thank you so much for stopping by and your sweet words! :)