Friday, November 13, 2009

On Being A Productive Hermit

View of my work area tonight (and a peek at some show pieces):And my palette (awash in rich greenish hues):
Lots of late, late night painting sessions going on this week! My little day job came and went rather quickly (the business closed--which is the biggest bummer working for small businesses right now, unfortunately). I'm quite sad to see the income go away...but glad to have a flexible painting schedule once again (even if it is only temporary).

I have my nose to the table, working away for the January show and am quite excited with these pieces so far. I'd like to keep them "secret" for the most part until the show is unveiled in it's entirety..but I'm sure there will be a few sneak peeks here and there while I'm working away on them.

Next week I'm hoping to see a movie or two (I'm really excited to see this little gem and if all pans out, hopefully Pirate Radio as well) and then perhaps an ornament painting party with my mom, which should be a blast!

Enjoy your weekends!

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project blancoyd said...

reserve me for that stingray!