Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hello March, Hello Mantas

This was the final piece I completed for the March show and I think it's my favorite:

"The Manta Ray Enthusiast" acrylic on cradled hardboard, 9x12"

It went though quite an evolution. Originally, she was supposed to be an anemone collector. But as I was working on her portrait, she whispered in my ear that she actually is far more fond of mantas. And who can blame her?
She does have a bit of a manta ray hair flip going on...
The teeny starfish medal was the finishing touch. And, it's a hint at a new little something I've been working on the past two days that will wind up in the online shop.

I'm so glad it's March! Spring is just around the bend...

PS: New prints are coming this week and also, any painting that isn't sold by the end of the show will of course go right in the shop for sale as well. Thanks, peeps!

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radioisfree said...

ms. knowlen - i saw that this post had no comments thus far and thought i would say a word or two of encouragement... but then i realized that you don't need a pep-talk at all. you've gone at your art with all the tools available to you and you have such energy and reverence for it... and for all the things you paint. there's more than a hint of surrealistic/dada influence, but your art doesn't carry with it the foreboding portent of those past masters. yours is a feminine hand working from a sensualist's POV. i like the whimsical, playful nature of your work. thanks for sharing and good luck to you in all future endeavors. regards - jim