Friday, February 13, 2009

Into the Sea

Hello loves! Happy Friday the 13th!
I'm taking a wee break from painting and promotional work to give you all a glimpse at what I've been plugging away at. Two more paintings were completed this past week for the upcoming show, while a small handful of others are in the half-completed stage. I only have about two weeks left to wrap things up, so it's been a bit chaotic 'round these parts.

Here's some snapshots at two new works:

"Adornments From Poseidon's Walk-In Closet" acrylic on wooded plaque, 13x8"


"King of the Herring Ball: Act IV" acrylic on canvas panel, 7x5" {sold}

Also, True North Gallery in South Hamilton, MA recently acquired "Solitude" (yay!):
It will be in a polar bear themed show at the gallery, titled "Imagining Nanuq: An Exhibition of Polar Bear Art from Around the World", which will run from Feb. 14th-March 28th. Those in the area, feel free to hop over for the gallery reception this Saturday (tomorrow!) from noon to five. A portion of all sales from the show will also be donated to the National Resource Defense Council's Polar Bear SOS Campaign.

And while we're on the topic of donations and those who need our help, we can all help those poor human and animal souls in Australia by sending donations to the Red Cross and/or Wildlife Victoria. Plus, there's an Etsy shop devoted *entirely* to sending donations to the Red Cross, which is really neat. Purchase something from OzBushfireAppeal and know that your money will go to help the cause...and you in return get something handmade and cool in the mailbox. A win-win.

I must scurry back to my painting corner and get some more work done. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Rachel said...

wow, that's so wonderful about your polar bear!! :D I love these panels you're doing... I really liked the gramophone, but alas.... it was snatched. :)

Eggman Studios said...

Thanks, Rachel! :)