Friday, May 30, 2008

Shop Update A Success!

Well, that certainly took a lot longer than I had expected. Man. I had some issues with my computer and the Etsy listing process this morning, so I do apologize!

They're all up now though. It always makes me so happy to see fresh, new faces in the shop. As promised, there's a handful of paintings in various sizes and price ranges.
A couple new prints (I'm so, so happy with the Celebrate one! Eek!). And a whole mess of these little dearies. I'm marketing them as wall plaques because that's how I currently have them displayed, but they do double duty as ornaments as well come the holidays. And I'm *crazy* about unique and handmade ornaments, as some of you may well know.Speaking of unique ornaments, I just bought this one online this week to add to my growing collection. I can't wait for it to get here! This gal does a fabulous job. You can see all the hand-beaded ornaments she has to offer at her website, Gray Cat Ornaments (photo above from her website). I'm amazed at the amount of detail in these (and her peacock ones are *gorgeous*!).

And now, I'm off to indulge in some chocolate and be lazy. Enjoy your weekends, friends!


Rachel said...

I am in love with all of your new stuff. K. is totally bitting his nails, waiting for me to be like... i'm buying one! :) I really, really love the polar bear. You captured the mood so perfectly. And I can't believe you're selling the crow! I've been admiring that one for quite some time now. :) oh, and check out my flickr pics!

Eggman Studios said...

Haha! I can imagine Keith there, silently freaking out and saying under his breath "don't do it! don't do it!".

Yes, the large crow piece and I have been friends for a long time, but since I'm planning on moving by January, I figure I need to downsize. :)

I'm off to look at your flickr!

Karlyn said...

You did a polar bear! It's so great. Connor has this little tee-shirt of a polar bear sitting on a tiny piece of ice in the middle of the ocean. Sad, but it makes a point.

Art Kitten said...

wonderful work as always! I love the polar bear as well.

Eggman Studios said...

Thank you, ladies! :)