Sunday, April 06, 2008

Happiness Part V: Strange Fossils...& A GIVEAWAY!

After cleaning out my studio, I recently stumbled upon this trilobite fossil I bought in Arizona (...or was it New Mexico?...) a few years back. I love weird little things like that. It's resting on my desk alongside an elephant teapot and my Mac. A strange and happy little family, indeed.

Anyway, I thought I'd do a little giveaway! *eyes and ears perk up*

Just leave a comment to this post, perhaps about your favorite lesser-popular animal (slug? nudibranch? camel? moth? bat? horseshoe crab?....), and in one week, at midnight on Monday April 14th, I'll draw a winner using one of those random-number-generator doo-hickeys. Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to play!

The prize?

A print of your choosing mailed straight to your letterbox!
This one?
Maybe this one?
...Or this?

Any print
from the shop is fair game!

I'm doing this 'cause a) I love you guys, b) it's been a good long while since I did a drawing, and c) I really love hearing about every one's favorite "unpopular" animals.

And hey, if you really just like elephants or tigers, that's cool too. There shall be no animal-discrimination here. :)

I hope all's well in your neck of the woods! I'll be back on the 14th to declare the winner.



Rachel said...

My favorite unpopular animals? I'd have to say snails and aardvarks.

Sweet Pea said...

Bats - I love their silent swooping and their snubby little noses :)

Marjorie said...

Hmmm.....I'm not so sure they are specifically un-popular....but I've always fancied a nice newt! :)

Armadillos are also rather cute in their own way! :)

Julie said...

I love a good giraffe...they are incredibly awkward (have you ever seen one bend over), but still graceful. And the gorilla. I really like gorillas.

Swirlyarts said...

Ooooh - a giveaway. How exciting! I must admit to liking snails but I really do not like their friends the slugs - yuck!

Rachel said...

i like orangutans. I used a roll and a half of film on them alone at the Singapore Zoo (two rolls on the white tiger, though...)

Heather Buchanan said...

I'm a rather big fan of the precious hermit crab. I also adore the wondrous puffer fish.

However, my absolute favourite animal of all-time is the mountain goat. Especially baby mountain goats.

Anonymous said...

yay for trilobites!!! :D I'm dying to start a little collection of fossils/bones at some point. my boyfriend and I want to go diving off the coast of NC some day on a "megalodon tooth" dive. that would be too cool to have a few, giant shark teeth lying about. ;)

my favorite "oddball" animal? giant squids. I have had a huge fascination with giant squids since I was a kid; I think I read every book in the public library on them! and my favorite thing to look at when I go to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum is, of course, the giant squid. ;)

Karlyn said...

Does it have to be real? In any case, it would have be the Jaguar Shark!

Art Kitten said...

oh yay! I hope I win!!! My favorite lesser known animal is a colobus monkey although I am not sure about the spelling...

dawn said...

jaguar shark, lol, I just saw that movie...

I have a small collection of snail-related items as I am a huge fan of the lowly critter. Both the sea and land variety including various non-shelled versions aka slugs and nudibranchs.

On a related note, I found your blog via Etsy where I was doing a search on "squids". So I guess you could say I'm enamoured of the entire mollusk family.

Eamon said...

Camels are great.

They have character (even though they bite and they spit). They are a bit pleased with themselves though. On the other hand they do have to trek through empty, dry desserts for days on end without water. They carried Laurence Of Arabia to his victories in Arabia, they have carried many a traveller along the exotic spice routes from Arabia to China, and they carried the Three Wise Men to Bethlehem for one of the most spectacular sites ever ..

Anonymous said...

I love the peppermint/eyeball print...Had my eye on it for ages.
I love sloths! And squids and octis and...everything! I'm a sap!

Rachel said...

you HAVE to check these out:

I got that one for my mom for Mother's Day. :D

Anonymous said...

A favorite of mine is the Iguana.We use to have one until she passed away over two years ago. She was the best pet and we never kept her caged. She had her own heating pad, traveled to Vegas with us and was a much loved member of our family...ok is that too much info?hehe
I would love to win one of your prints:)

Rebecca said...

I found 'yer blog throug etsy... I love your stuff! :)

I'd have to say my favorite 'unpopular' would be a snail. Who wouldn't like a slug who carries it's home on it's back!?


cconz said...

i love your blog. Your paintings are beautious. I'd have to say my favorite unpopular animal is a posseum. my freind had one as a pet. His name is "Johnny" he found it abandoned by his mother.He is a ver unusal pet.