Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Death of an Interior Decorator

After a very windy night (I had forgotten to bring in the garbage can and I'm shocked to see that it's still standing), the morning is dead calm and cloudy. A quiet Northwest morning--the kind I love. Spring is most certainly here. That was proven true earlier last week when I was taking a relaxing bath and I could hear the low rumble of a lawn mower a few houses away. Man, I love that sound! Nothing says spring and summer more to me than the sound of a lawn mower.

I made a trip to the art supply store the other day to get lots of brightly colored papers for my photographs. Though I love photographing my jewelry on stark, white backdrops for a clean look, I'm beginning to get tired of it. I need some color! So, slowly but surely, my wee shop will be going through a transformation of colored backdrops for a little more spice and sass.

The earrings above are my latest creation. I think because spring is here, I'm going through a massive floral/vintage/feminine state. Expect to see more elegant pieces like this soon...

I also started putting together an interior decorating inspiration book. It's nothing more than a composition notebook with various images taped in and little arrows hastily added with things like "yummy green!" or "that's a cool chair..." etc. I'm renting a house and finding it a little daunting to redecorate it in my retro-meets-modern-meets-eclectic taste. The house is actually the house I grew up in--my mom recently got remarried and moved in with her husband and is scared to death to sell our house or rent it out to strangers. Needing a decent affordable place of my own in this area, I gladly offered to rent it out instead. It was built in the 80s, so it has some very distinct 80s characteristics, but also some really great clean lines. My mom's taste is more traditional-classical, so it has a lot of that goin' on as well, which isn't me at all. Slowly I'm purging the house of it's traditional feel, but without doing anything drastic and jarring that I think she would dissaprove of later. So far, she's diggin' what I've done, so that's cool. :)

Oh! Check out this neato print I just bought from ohmycavalier! It was only $6!! And because they're printed on vintage pages from a poetry book, each print is completely unique. Better hurry if you want one too--there's only 3 left!

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